10 Amazing Advantages of
Working With Atomic2 Lighting

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  1. Atomic2 Lighting is available to serve your needs 24/7. From film and television production to events and emergency lighting, when you need us… we’re there.
  2. People LOVE our lighting! Your booth, display, event or venue will be an ever BIGGER event with lighting that creates the mood and one amazing environment.
  3. We clean and service the product after every project to make sure our balloon lights will work perfectly for the next job.For example, right from the electrical distribution to the balloon fabric, we clean and service each element of the equipment. That means you get the maximum benefit of what our balloon lighting and decor equipment is designed to do… every time!
  4. Investing in new products guaranteed to make an impact! Atomic2′s new line of LED furniture is an example of some new and exciting rental options.
  5. At Atomic2 Lighting, we are constantly evolving our lighting equipment through our clients pushing us to reach new dynamic limits.
  6. Our graphic designers and artists can paint airbrush covers that are applied to the balloon, so if you wanted to have the Mona Lisa painted on to a balloon and suspend it 50’ over your event, we can make it happen.
  7. New Gel covers have been specially designed to fit our balloon lights for film & television.. Our gel covers are treated to meet the exact color correction and dynamics of regular gel. These gel covers can be used over and over again saving production companies’ time & money.
  8. Atomic2 Lighting was the 1st official Airstar Canada balloon lighting representative in British Columbia, Canada
  9. Our staff is ready to meet with you at any time to discuss your ideas! We demonstrate our products for free either at your location or ours!
  10. We combine new technology with present inventory so we can give you more exciting options. Atomic2 Lighting has now combined LED Lighting technology to interact with various balloon lighting products while controlling colour options through an app on your phone

How We Work

Atomic2 Lighting has been providing rental services since 2005. We are well known for our outstanding service, creativity, and resourcefulness. We are dedicated to providing the best specialty lighting, decor and services for the Special Events and Film and TV industries.


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